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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/10/2016

I think someone should make a page Proteus's lamp,

i think that would be really useful.have a page with things like the history, apperences, its magic sources and things like that.
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• 7/25/2014

My thoughts of Swashbuckler...

Hello, EE93. I have seen you're feature length episode of Enterprising Engines: Swashbuckler, and I must say I am truly amazed and impressed with all the fine filming you've made! :D
because when I saw the whole episode and what the Thin Controller's friends were syaing all made sence to me now. I now know the reason why this whole explosive and munitins thing all happened.
And I'm starting to think that they're getting close to solve the mysterty of who was responsible for the munitions incident and why Proteus is haunting the railway too.
But I have really loved you're series and this feature length has to be the best one yet. Thank you for reading, EE93! I really enjoyed it!!! :D
Regards - Cameron/LGee14 from Deviantart.
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• 11/16/2013
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• 9/27/2013

The reaction of that Promo...

I just wanted to say that these new episodes get better and better every week! I am looking forward to see the whole episode as soon as it's out. :)
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• 9/24/2013

About Patriot being mentioned...

I love that episode since I saw it, but I still can't help but think about Patriot since he was killed by Arry and Bert. I do hope The Fat Controller found out that it was really Arry and Bert that killed him.
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