"A double life is the only certainty that we'll ever have one."
―Alaric, Culdee Fell

Alaric is the number seven engine on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Alaric was built in Switzerland in 1923, and arrived on Sodor in May of 1962.

At some unknown point in time, he, along with Eric and his controller, Walter Richards became acquainted with Sir Frederick Aura for reasons unknown, though they seem to revolve around shielding the line from Aura's grand design.

He and Eric encountered Murdoch, who was complaining after hearing a repetition of Samson's tale of how he rescued BoCo. Both of them reassured Murdoch of dealing with life's difficulties, but after the big engine left, Alaric complained about his and Eric's double life. Both of them then noticed a new marking left by The Man in the Hills.

Alaric later greeted Culdee when the latter returned from Crovan's Gate Works, but later had a clumsy derailment. After Culdee successfully rescued the shepherd holding the mysterious lamp, Alaric and Eric went to find Richards, passing by Ernest, whom they informed that they were going up for an inspection. Both engines listened to Sir Frederick Aura as he conversed with Richards over walkie-talkie.


Alaric is a quiet and friendly engine, but he is a little superstitious. He believes his number 7 to be his lucky number, and can be pessimistic when it appears to him that fate dealt him a bad hand. He and Eric are almost inseparable.

Culdee described him as being "nice and quiet" in a conversation with Ernest and Wilfred, two of the other mountain engines. However, as it turns out, Alaric leads a double life, secretly working with his controller in assisting the grand design of Sir Frederick Aura. He doesn't like it very much, and unlike Eric, is more vocal with his complaints, and still possesses concerns for the other engines, Culdee in particular, due to him being the line's "shining star".



  • Alaric is made from a 2015 Culdee model with a custom nameplate, number and the face of a 2013 Rheneas.