Alfie the Front Loader

Alfie is a small green excavator that works for Miss Jenny Packard.


Alfie was purchased by Miss Jenny Packard before his friend-to-be Jack the Front Loader and was quickly introduced to The Pack. Thanks to Nelson, Isobella, Kelly and the others, he learned that Max and Monty were not to be messed with! Alfie still tried teasing the angry dump truck twins, but a few tries later he knew never to mess with those two!

When Jack arrived, Alfie got to show Jack around, and showed him what to do. They soon became good friends.

Alfie is one of the smallest member of the Pack and was often teased about it by the others, particularly Max and Monty. However, his worth was proved when he was the only one small enough to enter the crumbling building to save some little kittens.

He helped to repair the wall of Crovan's Gate Works after Duke crashed through it.

He was working at the Mine Junction when D261 and D199 became runaways, and was comissioned by Bertram to help the other machines build a barrier. After the ordeal, he notes that the fact that the two diesels have been cursing under their breath denotes that the team has been succesful in stopping them and bringing them disgrace.



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