Asbestos Good Side

Asbestos is a preserved industrial saddle tank engine, named for the carcinogenic material she once handled at Turner & Newall in Manchester.


After entering into preservation with the Chasewater Railway, Asbestos recieved an invitation from the Fat Controller to visit Sodor alongside other famous engines. Upon arrival, Asbestos is quick to soak up the spotlight. She is assigned to Ffarqhaur Branch Line, where an eager Percy awaits the oppurtunity to work alongisde another saddle tank. However, Asbestos returns little interest in working or socializing with Percy, instead placing her focus on the line side photographers. When Percy suggests she help him by pushing his goods train, she insists on going in front. Later, when Percy asks for a picture she intially laughs at the request before realizing Percy's sincerity. However, when the two line up together, Percy is obscured by a cloud of thick smoke from Asbestos. 


A chain smoking diva, Asbestos loves the spotlight and attention, striving to make herself the center of attention in every case possible. Consequently, Asbestos' self absorbtion can rub the other engines the wrong way. 



  • Asbestos was made using a BigJigs asbestos engine with added details, Lego stud buffers, and a clay face added by Turtlesandthomas
  • She is the first engine to be seen smoking, and the third character overall, the first being the Ballast Hopper, and the second being Lola Lovefray.
    • She is the second character to have a cigarette as a permanent part of her model. 


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