Blue Peter 3
Blue Peter

Blue Peter is a LNER Peppercorn A2 Class, bears the number 60532 and is the sole survivor of 15 locomotives of the 4-6-2 A2 class. He was designed by Arthur Peppercorn of the LNER. 60532 worked between 1948 and 1966. He is owned by the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust (RSL&GT) presently awaiting overhaul at a heritage facility at Crewe.


Arriving with several other preserved locomotives, Blue Peter visits the North Western Railway as a part of the Fat Controller's latest scheme. During his visit, he gifts Richard Hatt with a Blue Peter flag he was once given.

Shortly thereafter, Blue Peter is seen by Whiff and Harvey heading towards the Skarloey Railway. Quite mysteriously, Blue Peter disappears, quickly followed by Proteus manifesting, implying that Proteus was masquerading as Blue Peter. This references the fact that Blue Peter is currently awaiting overhaul.