Brendam Docks

Brendam Docks is the largest bay on the Island of Sodor. There are several cranes, warehouses, sheds, and boats that occupy space at the keyside.


The Sodor China Clay Company, established in 1948, occasionally hosts days when enthusiasts may look around. Bill and Ben particularly enjoy the attention these visitors give them.

Brendam Docks is also home to Cranky, Big Mickey and Carly, they always load and unload cargo to and from the dock, Porter, a tank engine, and Salty, who loves to work at the Docks and tell tales of the sea.




  • The set is next to a swimming pool, to represent the sea. However in Thomas and the Fortune Teller, the set is located next to a pond.
  • In some episodes, a "sea monster" is seen in the swimming pool.