Buffer Bashing (Wooden Remake)
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Date Aired January 14, 2012
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Buffer Bashing is the eighteenth episode of the first season


Donald and Douglas are shunting trains for James in the shunting yard, while shunting Donald crashes into some buffers on the icy track. Bill and Ben tease him for it. A few days later Douglas is shunting another train when he slips again on the icy rails -not taking precautions- and crashes into the buffers that had been getting mended. He gets covered in red paint, which is left on him in reminder to be careful in sidings.


Some workmen speak.

Muddle, Mayhem, and Filibuster's model appears without a face.


  • This episode is adapted from the story "Buffer Bashing" from the book Thomas and his Friends.
  • This episode is the first remake ever done in Enterprising Engines!, and currently the only remake to be part of a season other than Season 0.



Buffer Bashing Wooden Remake

Buffer Bashing Wooden Remake