Burnett Stone
Burnett Stone

Burnett Stone is the private owner of Lady.


Burnett Stone is the caretaker of Muffle Mountain. Long ago, he shared a secret only with Tasha, his childhood friend: Lady, an engine he privately owned. One day, he went to Sodor, where he drew a drawing of Lady. He would later take Lady there, but this proved to be a mistake, as Diesel 10 came to Sodor, much to the chagrin of all the other engines, and threatened to destroy her. He chased Lady down, forcing her to use up all of her coal before crashing. Burnett was lucky to bring her remains back to Muffle Mountain, but despite his attempts to repair her, he couldn't make her steam, despite using every type of coal available. He later married Tasha, but couldn't keep his promise to Tasha about taking her on a trip on Lady. She later died. This saddened Burnett so much that he refused to leave the other side of his mountain dwelling, not even to see his granddaughter, Lily. He is good friends with Patch, who often visits him. Years later, Lily went to see him, but went missing, a few days later. This was another mistake, as a few days ago, Diesel 10 had returned to the island to find Lady. But Burnett would not let her down again, and with the help of Thomas, they stopped Diesel 10 by running over an unsafe viduct and leting Diesel 10 plundge into a barge below.

Eventually, thanks to the assistance of Burnett's old friend Gregory Larson, he was able to repair Lady back to her full glory.