Butch in the wilderness finding himself

"Looks like the Sodor Breakdown Vehicle has broken down. Isn't that ironic?"
Monty, Breakdown Blues

Butch is a breakdown vehicle who is stationed at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre ready to help engines or road vehicles in need.


Butch is a heavily modified lorry constructed from the parts of a diesel and a crane. When he came to Sodor, he worked all around the Island, including Boulder Quarry when it was still in operation. 

At one point, Butch was fitted with a magnetic apparatus on his crane arm, but did not know how to use it, causing him to accidentally attach himself to Thomas for the majority of the day! 

Butch had a very bad day when (quite ironically) he broke down after helping Rheneas prior to a terrible accident. Max, Monty, and Bertram were of very little help, and when Harold the Helicopter flew away to get help, Isobella rear-ended him in the road, damaging his back bumper. At the end of a very demoralizing day, his driver assured him that being in good company helps everyone get through a rough experience! 

Butch suggested sending Fergus and Jack to rescue Bear from an avalanche. He also was seen around The Lumberyard presumably doing odd jobs. Later, he was seen watching the chaos as Daisy became fed up with Arthur and Philip.

Butch was assigned to the repair work on Flora's tramway after melting ice damages the track-bed. After Molly has an accident, Butch quickly raises the alarm.


Butch is humble, unassuming and tough as nails. He enjoys hard work and his versatility makes him a really useful component of any project he tackles. He does not like to draw attention to himself and prefers to work without recognition or praise. When things get hectic, he can get a little flustered, but always ends up back on his wheels. Butch is well-liked by engines and road vehicles alike, and everyone has stopped to have a pleasant chat with him at some point in their careers!