Byron is a bulldozer that works for Miss Jenny Packard.


Byron is one of Miss Jenny's machines that if often found pushing dirt at various site. Recently, Max, Monty, and Byron have been sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry

When Luke, Millie, and Sir Robert Norramby embarked on a quest for King Orry's lost sword, Byron spent the early part of the day talking to Freddie about the state of the railway. Later, he saved Luke and the Earl from being pummeled by a pair of slate cars that had broken away from Wendy's tow cable. 

Byron took part in building a barricade at the Mine Junction when D261 and D199 were runaways. He is unimpressed when Max dumps a pile of rocks, noting that the diesels probably want a softer landing. After the whole ordeal, Byron notes that most importantly, no one was hurt. 


Byron sees himself as a perfectionist and an artist. He wants everyone around him to be impressed by his hard work.  There are days when he can feel a bit down when his work his underappreciated, but in the end, everyone is in awe of his work ethic and the fine, precise work he produces! 



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