Captain 2

Captain is a brave lifeboat that resides at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. 


Captain can be seen patrolling the waters of Sodor, assuring the safety and security of the Island and engine alike.

When Thomas and Stephen each went missing, Captain was dispatched to search for the engines during each of their respective disapearances.

On the ocassion when Emily lost her globe delivery at Brendam Docks, Captain luckily was nearby to rescue her precious cargo.

Captain assisted in arresting Sailor John and retrieving the lost treasure from Arlesburgh Harbour.


Captain is assertive and confident, taking his job very seriously. When somebody's well-being is on the line, Captain will dive right into the situation in order to get the job done and help a friend in need. Though he is also very kind and friendly, he takes his job very seriously and always puts his job first.



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