"As much as I cannot stand the sight of you, and I abhor you in every way, without you I'd only have everything else in the world to despise, which, somehow, leaves me prodigiously empty inside."
Carlo Debris, Swashbuckler

Carlo and Moxie kissing

This page is about the relationship between Carlo Debris and Moxie Balderdash.

Henry and Kurt

In Henry and Kurt, while Debris was listening to George Bizet, Moxie entered
Moxie Balderdash

Moxie is shot in the foot

his office and complimented his folsetto. He responded by shooting her foot. She did not appreciate this at all!


During the meeting of Sodor's business men, Carlo's lumberjacks formed a

Debris shooting the rebellious lumberjacks

rebellion, led by Balderdash. They continued fighting, until Balderdash randomly proclaimed that she was madly in love with Carlo. He threw his machine gun onto another lumberjack, and said that he loved her because he hates her, and if it were not for her, he would only have everything else to hate. Moxie ordered the rampaging ruffians to stand down, and the two began making out in front of everyone, making everyone around them feel very uncofortable! Even after they had been escorted out of the warehouse due to the fire, they continued hugging and kissing.