Crock's Scrap Yard

Crock's Scrap Yard is located on Edward's Branch Line. Reg is stationed here. 


Years ago, Edward the Blue Engine was taking a delivery to Crock's Scrap Yard when he found an old traction engine resting there looking miserable. With a little help from Edward and the Vicar, Trevor was restored to his original glory and has been happy ever since. Decades later, a scrapyard crane named Reg was sent to work there, and since then he has made a number of friends that pass by.

Diesel once hid at this scrapyard when he was hiding from Paxton. This was also where James discovered a "scrap monster" that he used to frighten Percy.

After the accident where one of Bill and Ben's careless pranks sent Donald hurtling off a cliff and put him out of service, Edward shuttled the twins to the scrap yard to sternly talk to them, shortly before Douglas came, searching for Bill and Ben and aiming to get revenge for Donald. Another time, Logan the Little Shunter came here after James had an accident and he had to take his train. While he was there, he met Reg, Neville and Harvey, who soon became his fast friends.

Common Residents



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