Crovan's Gate Mine
Crovan's Gate Mine or the C.G. Slate Company is a bustling mining industry at Crovan's Gate which is accessible to both standard gauge and narrow gauge lines. The Mine Junction and High Tower lead up to the mine.


The Crovan's Gate Mining Company has been around for at least 150 years, and was a bustling location back in 1865 when Skarloey and Rheneas first arrived on Sodor.

The Mine itself was closed for a period of time and was taken over by the C.G Slate Company until the height of the Blue Mountain Quarry operation. Now, the mine has been re-opened under it's old name. The line meets with High Tower and the remains of the Bertram's Junction before meeting with Crovan's Gate.

Common Residents

Although it is currently unknown for certain who works here and who is simply an occasional visitor, the following have been seen working here:

Ryan, Skiff and Sailor John have also had promotional images located at the mine, but it seems unlikely that they are common residents.



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