"Oi, stupid works! Thank Godred I'm leaving! What a dump this place is! Always followed with acoustic accompaniment, and it doesn't even have Netflix!"
―Sir Handel, Culdee Fell

Crovan's Gate Works is a haven for engines in need of repair, whether they are standard or narrow gauge.


Crovan's Gate Works was established in 1905 and is where engines are sent to be repaired and the terminus of the Skarloey Railway. Engine parts are shipped here from the Mainland.

A few years ago, The Works ordered a yellow narrow gauge engine from Cuba to work distributing engine parts and helping to mend engines in need. However, the engine was dropped into the sea due to a faulty chain and his arrival was delayed. Later on, however, Victor and his companion Kevin the Crane are happily working at Crovan's Gate Works, helping workmen and helping engines in need!

After Duke and Sir Handel were injured at The Blue Mountain Quarry, they were brought to the works. Victor comforted them, but when Weaver and Rick showed up, Victor ordered them to leave. However, they did not, and things got even worse when Vegard showed up on Paxton. When Vegard was startled by Rusty's two-toned horn, he accidentally squeezed off a shot, causing Duke to go out of control and crash through the wall. The Pack has recently been spotted there, helping to repair the wall. After they finished their work though, Sir Handel crashed through it! And after the wall was repaired again, it was once again smashed when Freddie crashed into it!

The Crovan's Gate Works is often very crowded and busy, but Victor still takes care of it in good time, even though it can be rather stressful at times!

Common Residents



  • During the filming of the third season, the Works' interior changes lightning and set. However, due stock footage, in some third season episodes, the second season Works is shown.
  • In a few episodes, the engines are seen to demand a Netflix account at the works. This demand is fulfilled in Penn Pals.