"I got a bowler hat lodged in my air intake, and was a laughing stock of the whole yard. Those worthless steam kettles... They make me sick!"
―D261, Aura of Menace
D261, "The Diesel"

D261 (nicknamed Bowler, Class 40, or The Diesel) is an uppity green diesel from the Other Railway.


D261 first came to the island as a vistor, overlapping with the final days of Stepney's first visit to Sodor. He was very derogative towards the engines, with his best comment being "I've seen worse." He became very unpopular on the island, and whilst preparing to pull the Express, he sucked an inspector's hat into his air intake and had to be shunted into the shed. He soon left thereafter, leaving a smell of nasty fuel and a battered bowler hat!

Bowler has since returned to Sodor, and he, as well as D199, have been bought by Walter Sliggs. In order to send a message to Sliggs, Sir Frederick Aura had his men, Ricky Mason and Walter Richards, sabotage the two diesels while they were taking a long freight train to The Mine Junction. The two crashed and nearly destroyed the junction, and Aura threatened Sliggs after the mess was cleaned up.


Bowler, like Diesel and Spamcan, is extremely arrogant. However, unlike the latter two, who act incredibly gruff, Bowler speaks with a much more sinister, quiet voice, hinting at a much greater sense of malice. He is very elegant and high-class, and disapproves of the dirty steam engines of Sodor.