"We must help those men!"
―Darren, Munitions

Darren was an engineer who worked at a loading dock at General Zen's outpost site and later, The Mine Junction


Darren was a simple man with a simple way of life until disaster struck at the outpost site. The Ministry of Defense apparently caused a massive fire and many people and engines were trapped in the destruction. Darren accompanied the Thin Controller into the "belly of the beast" and saved many lives along the way. His bravery was commendable, and with his knowledge of the area, the group flew away safely on Harold the Helicopter. 

After the incident, Darren decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea to find other work, this work being at Walter Sliggs's refinery at The Mine Junction. However, disaster seemed to follow Darren, as D199 and D261 caused a huge crash here after becoming a runaway. When Sir Frederick Aura blew up the refinery in the area, Darren was crushed and killed by falling debris.


Darren was loyal, courageous, and helpful. He always thought on his feet and wouldn't stand to leave anyone in danger. He was good friends with the Thin Controller. He was a victim of the malicious Sir Frederick Aura.