"Dizzy diesels!"
―Dart's catchphrase
Dart with trucks

Dart is Den's fiesty assistant who shunts trucks with his friend at Vicarstown Yards


Dart and Den arrived on Sodor to help out with the shunting work at Vicarstown. 

When Hank had an accident, Den and Dart were sent to help out by the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway where they met Culdee the Mountain Engine.

Later, Den and Dart teased James about being cold, despite being twice as cold as anyone else!

Dart then was sent to work at the Kellsthorpe Refinery during its construction, and has continued to work there with Den upon its completion.

In Swashbuckler, Dart told Walter Sliggs that Den was trying to tell him that he was holding his letter upside down.


Dart is a young diesel that listens to the advice of other engines, even though it isn't always the best decision to make! Besides this, Dart is typically kind-hearted and willing to fix any diesel engine in distress! He is rather proud at times, and doesn't always like to admit his problems.