"Shut up, Winslow! You'll scare the blasted birds away!"
―Dex, Pigeon Hunting
Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 5.29.57 PM
Dex and Winslow

Dex and Winslow are an inseparable pair of pigeon hunters that have been known to inadvertantly terrorize the Skarloey Railway


Dex and Winslow are wandering, wayward souls. They are constantly trespassing on privately owned property trying to hunt pigeons and other small birds. On one ocassion they were chased for 35 yards by a disgrunted pheasant, so they decided it was much safer to hunt smaller things instead. 

Wandering near the Skarloey Railway Lake, they mistakenly open fired at Mighty Mac as he came by (though Winslow was originally reluctant to shoot), causing steam to leak all over. The Thin Controller soon found out and had them arrested. They spent a few months in captivity, but now roam the forests and hills once more, shooting at something every once in a while. 

Carlo Debris has recently hired them as his new bodyguards. They may have exaggerated their gun-handling prowess in their applications just a little. 


Dex is not very intelligent, and insists on wearing dark glasses on most occasions, which severely impairs his vision and judgment. He has never actually shot anything that he intended to in his life. 

Winslow is the kind of person who thinks he's really clever when in reality he is quite far from it. Hunting is his passion and he likes to think he's an excellent shot, although he really isn't. However, he does have some common sense, as shown when he was reluctant to shoot the pigeons when there were train tracks in the way of their line of fire, presumably aware that they could get into trouble if they shot at a train.



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