"It is what burdens us that ultimately keeps our friends safe."
―Eric, Culdee Fell

Eric is the number eight engine on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Eric arrived on Sodor in 1962. He is built to a 'super heat' design.

At some point in his career, Eric, Alaric, and their controller, Walter Richards, became acquainted with Sir Frederick Aura's "Grand Design", with their motive apparently being to protect their railway from it.

Eric and Alaric later encountered Murdoch, introducing themselves to the big goods engine. Eric explained their line of work to Murdoch, but after Murdoch left, the two engines conversed about their double life, with Eric stating that it helped keep their friends safe.

When Culdee returned, Eric remained silent throughout the greetings. However, he was sheepish over Alaric's clumsy derailment.

Later, after Culdee rescued the shepherd who had been in possession of the mysterious lamp, both Eric and Alaric rendezvoused with Richards, and listened to Aura's talk of dealing with the lamp and Richards' field work.


Little is known about Eric, however, Ernest and Wilfred describe him as 'nice and quiet'. However, Ernest also describes him as "eerie", which proved to be correct as Eric leads a double life assisting his controller in the plans of Sir Frederick Aura. However, this is motivated by his desire to keep his fellow engines safe from Aura's so-called "Grand Design", and he does not complain about it much compared to Alaric.



  • Eric is made from a 2015 Culdee model with a custom nameplate, number and the face of a 2012 Sir Handel.