"I'm old and wise, and I can act as a professional. But when I hide this face from others, it is very insincere."
―Ernest, Derek and the Two Faced Engines
Ernest the Wise Engine

Ernest is the number two engine on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Ernest arrived on Sodor in 1900 for the opening of the Culdee Fell Railway.

Upon Derek's arrival to Kirk Machan with a repaired Culdee, Ernest welcomes him to the Culdee Fell. During this time, Ernest expounds to Derek his belief and fears of he and his fellow mountain engines two faced nature. He tells Derek that his warm presence prompts him to trust the diesel with his deepest secrets.

Ernest later informs Culdee of the state of the railway during his time away, noting that Mr. Richards struggled to deal with emotions.

Ernest watches as Alaric and Eric depart up the line, musing that while they are quiet and friendly, there is something eerie about them.


Ernest is old and wise, and cares for his fellow mountain engines very deeply. But unlike most of the other engines on Sodor who fit that category, he is quite intense in his speech and mannerisms, especially concerning the fact that the Mountain Engines have two faces. This trait of him proved capable of unnerving Derek to quite a degree.

On the other hand, Ernest also has a jealous side. He is very envious of the younger engines, based upon their being given a greater amount of work. While he rarely shows this face to the other engines, he feels the need to vent his feelings once and a while with those whom he trusts.



  • Ernest is made from a 2015 Culdee model with a custom nameplate, number and the face of a 2013 Stephen.