This page focuses on the interactions between Everyone and 'Arry and Bert.

Arry and Bert white lightning attackjpg


'Arry and Bert, known as "The Grim Messengers of Doom" love scrapping steam engines and melting down machinery, as well as helping Sir Frederick Aura carry out his sinister deeds. They also are well known for their "roll-by" insults at the steam engines.

Sir Frederick Aura

Sir Frederick Aura is the owner of the Ironworks and the owner of the Grim Messengers of Doom themselves. Being messengers, it would be rather fitting that they did represent someone far more sinister and foul. Although Aura has given them a lot of free rein, giving them contracts to work far away from the smelters and have a few close, often unpleasant encounters with the steam engines, they are deathly afraid of him, and with for good reason. However, Aura has more patience with the diesels than he can have for most people, and at times they can be seen as the one's who know him best. As their employer, they have used their "joint ownership contract" to wreak havoc around the Island, such as illegal weapons transactions at Tidmouth, the murder of Patriot,and a signal sabotage. Sir Frederick Aura has a major contract with the Ffarquhar Quarry and often sends the pair there.


It is implied that 'Arry and Bert knew Stepney prior to the events of getting lost, meaning they have had had two failed attempts at scrapping the bluebell engine.


When Patriot became lost in the Ironworks, the two twins ominously greeted their 'visitor'. 'Arry and Bert proceed to lead Patriot into the operation, claiming to be hospitable hosts. Upon reaching the smelting chamber, Bert proceeds to cast Patriot in, killing him. The twohave show little remorse for their actions.



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