Duck and James


James is a vain mixed traffic engine that won't let anyone forget it. He can occasionally be very rude to engines that he sees as less than him, but he does mean well. He used to have a prejudice towards most diesel engines, but this has significantly lessened over the years. 


James will often overlook Edward's potential due to his age, but in the end, he always gets the reality check he

In "Munitions", although James was cranky and irritable, he listened to Edward's wise words on how to handle the situation. Later, when Arthur went to off to the rescue, Edward made James promise to look after him. 


James and Arthur are aquaintances but have not share many duties on the main line. During the events of "Munitions" Arthur insisted that he and James dispose of a large fuel shipment far away from the blaze to keep everyone safe. James was horrified when the tanker suddenly came alight, but was relieved to see Arthur was all right. 


James and Gordon are good friends, but they can be very competitive! James also sometimes takes the Express to give Gordon a rest, something that the big blue engine has mixed feelings about. The two friends often banter, James trying to prove that he is strongest, fastest and best, while Gordon is secure in the knowledge that he himself is the best and has nothing to prove! calling James a "silly red engine with ideas above his station". This tends to leave the red engine feeling very annoyed indeed! 


James and Henry are good friends, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy teasing each other! In "James Goes
Henry teases James.
on a Trip" Henry was delighted to take the Express while James was "indisposed." This left the splendid red engine very cross indeed! 


In "James Goes on a Trip" when he was "indisposed" during his experience with pscyho-active compounds, Derek was kind enough to stick around and made sure he was all right. He also made sure James was aware that his fireman was feeling much better! 


In "Logan Leaves his Mark", James constantly belittles and disparages Logan on the belief that he is only a little, insignificant shunter doing dirty and lowly work. Even when Logan warns him about the truck's trickery, James dismisses the little engine. Not long after however, James receives his comuppance for his rude words when his trucks push him off a bend in the line!

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