Hank, Stanley, and Lady
This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Stanley.


Stanley is a friendly, strong white tank engine with a very loyal heart. In the time that he has been on Sodor, he has acquired many friends.


When Stanley first arrived on the island, he and Thomas had a very rocky start when Stanley started growing very popular with the other engines. Thomas tried to stage an accident to downgrade Stanley in front of the other engines and gain his friends back, which went horribly wrong and resulted in destroying a tower which all the engines had worked hard on for weeks. Still, even when everyone's back was turned to Thomas, Stanley was willing to forgive the blue tank engine, and he rescued Thomas when he found him after Thomas's adventures in the mine. The two are now great friends.


The two have fun annoying their boss, Carlo Debris. They are good friends and are always willing to help eachother.

When Stanley was reassigned to patrol of an abandoned Waterworks, Hank offered to take his train for him.

Carlo Debris

Carlo does not appreciate Stanley's presence anymore than he appreciates anyone elses's. Stanley and Hank often crack jokes about Carlo right under his nose, which can really set him off. Stanley, however, is willing to question Carlo's irrational and irritable behavior which often leads to trouble!

In Henry and Kurt, Carlo insulted Stanley by calling him a "jovial nimrod". He then ordered Stanley and his friend Hankto haul some lumber, which led Stanley to wonder why he and Hank are always insulted whenever they recieve their orders.


Stanley is a member of Scruff's crew along with Hank and Whiff. He was present when Scruff introduced The Flying Scotsman to them.

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