Thomas approaching Daisy on the collapsed bridge.
This page focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Thomas.


Thomas is a cheeky tank engine that used to shunt at Knapford. Now he is a hard working engine, running his Knapford - Ffarquhar Branch Line.


Percy and Thomas are very close friends, but that does not mean they are not prone to having a falling out from time to time! Other than that they still remained best friends despite a few bumps in the road.


Toby and Thomas are good friends. At first, Thomas doubted him, but saw Toby's worth (in Thomas's opinion) when he scared the constable who had earlier accused Thomas of being illegal.


Despite both being competitive, Bertie and Thomas have been best friends, since Thomas beat him in a race.


Thomas and Daisy can be a little competitive at times, but he is very thankful to have her on the branchline to help out with the passenger services and visits to the Toryreck Dairy. 

Thomas lost patience with Daisy in "Swagger and Swerves" when she refused to take the milk because she was afraid it would cramp her style. 

During the events of "Rosie" Thomas rescued Daisy when she broke down on the River Bridge when it was on the verge of collapse!

Splatter and Dodge

After the events of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Thomas didn't really like Splodge. During the events of "Splatter" however, he and Gordon got back at Splatter. Presumably hours earlier (in "Dodge"), he told Dodge what to do, annoyed that he wasn't paying attention.

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