"I was the fastest engine in the hills, after all, and with all due respect, I think it's safe to say that I've still got it."
―Freddie, Greg and Lars
Fearless Freddie next to a guy with a sweet moustache.

Freddie (known as Fearless Freddie on his old railway) is a narrow gauge engine that used to work on the Mid-Sodor Railway prior to a terrible accident. He now works on the Skarloey Railway.


Fearless Freddie used to work on the Mid-Sodor Railway with Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duke, Smudger, Stanley and the Scrap Engine. Known by all as the line's fastest engine, he was a bit cocky, and renowned for being without fear. 1 day, coasting down the line, he jumped the rails and was badly damaged. He was sent away to the mainland to be repaired, returning to the newly established Skarloey line many years later. 

Freddie was nearly blown to smithereens by Duncan's carelessness during the "Cannon Fodder Incident".

Fearless Freddie defended Greg and Lars when Sir Handel denigrated them, but soon came to be cross with them after Greg destroyed a bridge support and caused him to derail!

Proud of her paintwork, Isobella the Steam Lorry was offended by Freddie's compliment, saying it was "not too shabby!"

Sir Handel and Freddie often bicker, with Sir Handel growing tired of his old friend's nostalgic ways. 

After the events of Blunderbuss, Freddie believed he should take charge of the Blue Mountain Quarry in Duke's absence.

Freddie was skeptical of Luke and Millie's quest with Sir Robert Norramby.

He was 1 of the few engines who were optimistic about preform "Hamlet". He asked to be the lead character, and was disappointed when the Thin Controller was chosen to portray Hamlet. Despite being cast as Polonius, Freddie was still determined to play his part well, and kept Duke awake practicing. Unfortunately, when the Show began, he happened to get stage fright!

Later, he ended up becoming the 3rd Narrow Gauge Engine to crash into the wall at Crovan's Gate Works.


Freddie is indeed fearless, but a bit beyond his years. He seems to be trapped in the past, and not exactly the younger engine that he envisions himself. He is cheerful all the same, and a bit over-confident, but is still knowledgeable and a useful asset to the line. 

He is prone to have frequent arguments with Sir Handel. 

He likes being in control of things, and when Duke and Skarloey aren't around, he has been known to take charge of whatever is going on around him.