Flora Ice Breaker

Flora is kindhearted and reliable yellow steam tram. She is owned by the Sodor Tramways Company.


Flora was purchased by the Sodor Tramways Company a few years ago for passenger transport. She is one of the few steam trams, besides Toby on Sodor, so she often visits the North Western Railway to see Toby.

The Fat Controller held a parade and invited Flora's Owner and his engine to take part in it, alongside Toby.

Flora and Butch came up with the idea to enlist Fergus to help Bear get out of the snow after he was covered by the avalanche.

Due to the aftereffects of the winter season, Flora's tramway suffered severe damage, with several engines being sent in to help her out, in particular Molly and Charlie, though the latter sadly didn't get much work done in comparison to the other engines. Throughout Charlie's stay, Flora tried to convince Charlie to back off on his jokes in an attempt to "break the ice", so to speak, with Molly. Unfortunately, it didn't take until Molly had an accident, at which point Flora told Charlie after his last failed joke attempt to try again. Flora thus took part in Charlie's apology, a simple pie in his own face. This finally broke the ice with Molly, and the three engines took to laughing throughout the night.


Flora is a rather docile engine, comparable to a Southern Belle. She tends to name her double-floor tram coach whatever name comes to mind, based on how she's feeling.



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