Florence and the Machine
Flora's Tram Coach

"You can't just change her name every other sentence!"
―Charlie, Ice Breaker

Flora has a somewhat gender-confused double-floored tram coach, that, though it does not have a decided name, she tends to call whatever she so desires in the moment.


Flora received the tram coach on her first day on Sodor, and since then, uses it (Him? Her?) to carry passengers along her line, and occasionally workmen.

When Molly and Charlie came to help mend Flora's line, Charlie introduced himself with a string of jokes. Flora introduced herself and her tram coach, currently referring to her coach as Florencia. Later on, when Charlie's attempts to break the ice with Molly started to get out of hand, Flora decides to confront him about it, bringing along the recently-christened Florentina, who would become Floria only moments later.


Flora's tram coach tends to keep quiet in most circumstances. Flora refers to it as a female, though its voice would suggest otherwise. The coach seems to be quite passive, and tends to go along with whatever Flora is doing without questioning her, or showing any resistance to its constant changing of names.