"Light 'er up! Stand back everyone!"
―Foreman Okamoto, Blunderbuss
Foreman Okamoto

Foreman Okamoto is the current manager of The Blue Mountain Quarry


Foreman Okamoto was born on Sodor and inherited his position from his grandfather. When Luke arrived in the quarry looking for a place to hide, Okamoto's grandfather was a kind man, and kept Luke's presence a secret. However, when Okamoto took command, he was reluctant to hide Luke's existence from the Skarloey Railway Officials, but with his grandfather's dying wish to keep the little engine safe, Okamoto reluctantly did so. Now, Luke is out in the open, and thankful for his efforts! 

Okamoto was unhappy when Rick Shay and Weaver wandered into the quarry looking for the Thin Controller and set off a row of dynamite, injuring Sir Handel and Duke

Okamoto yelled at Sir Robert Norramby when the Earl got too close to a blasting tunnel and told him off.

The foreman, along with Scott Wallis, Max and Monty, and everyone else at the Blue Mountain Quarry were annoyed by Bertram's spoken-word recital.


Foreman Okamoto is loud and boisterous, and has little patience for the ineptitude of others. He is still a very patient man and is an excellent leader. 

He has a deep respect for the Thin Controller, but he is periodically irked by the spontaniety of his lifestyle, particularly when Rick Shay and Weaver detonated a row of dynamite pre-maturely and the Earl of Sodor was granted permission to roam the Quarry! 

He has a great trust for his right-hand man, Scott Wallis. Scott is the foreman's eyes and ears out in the field, and stays in constant contact with the foreman by way of a two-way headset.



  • Foreman Okamoto's name is based off of the apprentice from the film, "Seven Samurai".
  • Scott Wallis is Foreman Okamoto's right-hand man.