"Well, we think you look like a big green caterpillar with red stripes!"
―Fred Pelhay, Pummeling Percy
Fred Pelhay

Fred Pelhay (also known as Fred) is an orange coal truck.


Fred, along with the rest of the trucks can be troublesome and disrespectful to the other engines. He was one of the many trucks to be teasing Oliver alongside S.C. Ruffey after he returned from the Works after falling down the turntable well. However, after Oliver pulled their leader clean in half, the trucks learned to respect the Great Western Engine! Since then, Fred has gone to work many places along the railway.

He teased Percy and said he was trying to be his "image consultant", while he was overworked.

In Logan Leaves his Mark, Fred, along with the other trucks, pushed James off a bend.


Fred was seen since Season 1 as a generic truck, but more than one model of him was used as part of freight trains.


  • EE93 has at least 3 or 4 models of Fred, one of them having its body glued on backwards after it had fallen off.