Gator fog

"What fool do they take you for?"
―Culdee, Logan Leaves his Mark

Gerald, better known by his nickname of Gator, is a large, two-toned green tank engine with a sloping boiler.


Gator works on an unknown, mountainous railway. During a visit to Sodor, he came at a time when Percy was feeling down due to strange events at the China Clay Pits. During this time, he and Percy bonded, and Gator helped Percy recover his self-esteem. He later returned for the holidays, but due to a smudged rock salt order, he and Percy missed each other numerous times, until finally meeting at the docks.

He later met Culdee, where the two chatted about their lines of work. His words caused Culdee to jump to the job of getting a crew to a bridge inspection, but through unknown means, Culdee had a severe accident whilst doing so.


Gator has a calm and grounded personality. He is also adventurous. He has been designed to work in the high mountains. Ironically, he is afraid of heights. He longs to travel and is excited about going to sea. Gator measures bravery in terms of what you do, even when you are scared.