George the Steamroller

George is a rude and malicious steamroller that works for the Sodor Construction Company. 


George arrived on Sodor for Construction Detail by the Skarloey Railway, where he became a great annoyance to Skarloey and the other engines. When Sir Handel wouldn't stop boasting about his new wheels with broader tires, Skarloey used the grumpy steamroller to his advantage to silence Sir Handel. However, as expected, trouble starts when George collides with Sir Handel's goods run by the road. Unfortunately, this made Sir Handel even more boastful as he thought he was the one to make George go away!

Later, he caused havoc across the island by paving over parts of Thomas' branch line, causing Thomas to derail, and later held up Duck near a station siding, causing Gordon to crash into Duck's train. After this, George was taken off his duties for a week.

He also told Daisy that he would destroy Thomas' branch line, and left cones that the diesel railcar had trouble with.

He later helped to build the Sodor Airport.

The steamroller also had a nasty accident with Young Tucker at an unspecified crossing, colliding with Young Tucker pushing a train of flour! Duck later came to help.

George was seen working at the Military Base during the "Munitions" fiasco.


George is rude and grumpy and believes that the road is better than the rails, happily tearing them up on any occasion possible!