Godred 1

Godred was the number one engine on the Culdee Fell Railway before being destroyed in an accident.


Godred was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works sometime in the mid to late nineties. He was named after the former king of Sodor, and, according to Culdee, this made him arrogant and reckless. Culdee warned him to be careful, but Godred took no notice, believing that his automatic brakes would save him should any trouble present itself. This was his downfall. Just a month after the railway opened, he came off the rails at Devil's Back and fell down into the ravine, and was found the next day, damaged beyond repair. As they had no money to spend on him, his remains were left in the back of the shed, and his parts were used to mend the other engines.

In 1964, when Culdee was returning from his overhaul, he made a stop at the Skarloey Railway, where he told Godred's story to Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, and Duncan. Though Sir Handel and Duncan believed the story, Culdee had secretly revealed to Skarloey and Rheneas that he had made the story up.

Later on, after Culdee's fall, while he was still trying to recover, Catherine brought up the story once more, but Culdee reminded her that the story was not true, to which Catherine responded by saying "Don't be so sure." To this day, it is assumed that the story is indeed true, though there seem to be mixed views on that fact. Culdee, in particular, seems to have at least convinced himself that it is a lie.


He will appear later on, presumably by way of flashback.


  • A custom Wooden Railway model of Godred was made by Steve Garcia utilizing a 2015 Culdee with the face of Smudger.
  • Godred originally had The Big City Engine's face, but it was decided the face was too large, and was thusly replaced by Smudger's.