"Do exactly as this one tells you or I'll give you something to talk about."
―Goliath, Bon Voyage

Goliath was a heavily modified crane barge that lived at the harbor.


Goliath was one of the easier barges to work with due to his crane arm at the harbor, but his menacing glare made those who worked with him feel quite uneasy, with work seemingly like an eternity when it came to transferring loads. One day however, Duck's driver and fireman left their lunch behind when preparing to have goods loaded onto Goliath and had to have had it thrown to them, but in an astounding turn of events, both fell off the footplate, which left Duck and the goods he had been taking heading for Goliath. As a result, Duck and the freight cars fell off the pier and landed in Goliath's open hull. Percy tried to tease Duck because of this, but Goliath quickly shut him up. However, Goliath's hull had taken an enormous amount of damage from the crash and thus, after Duck was rescued, Goliath spilt in half and sank, unable to be salvaged. Due to the events, Duck gained a great posthumous respect for Goliath. 

It is revealed that some of Goliath's parts were salvaged, and some parts of his loading crane were used to repair and modify Spitzer.


Goliath was a quiet, but very menacing barge. He didn't put up a fuss, but his menacing glare created a very uneasy atmosphere, creeping out the men who worked with him. However, Goliath did have a sense of honor, solemnly sinking in his last moments, seemingly accepting his fate. Duck even called him an example to be looked up to.



  • Goliath was the first character to die on screen.