Gordon grinning

Gordon is a proud big blue tender engine who pulls The Wild Nor' Wester, Sodor's Premiere Express Train.


Gordon arrived on Sodor when he was young and green, and had a great deal of adventures, being 1 of the Island's most experienced engines. 

Gordon and Thomas revived their "alliance" from many years ago to pay Splatter out for his excessive rudeness. Getting back at Splatter, Gordon hauled the flabbergasted diesel all across the Island coupled to the end of the Express! 

A rival in strength, Gordon was often rude to Murdoch, seeing him only as a common goods engine, until Murdoch payed him out! Faking ill on the same day as the Flying Scotsman's surprise visit, Gordon was humiliated as his only brother saw him pulling a goods train. 

Gordon was thrilled to spend time with his brother throughout the year, but The Flying Scotsman had struck a few chords with Henry in the past, making their interactions a tad strained. Gordon accepts, but is still bewildered, by what good friends the Flying Scotsman and Scruff have become!

Gordon pairs up with his brother Flying Scotsman to pull an excursion to Ulfstead Castle. The 2 reminisce of the good old days along the route at top speed until a runaway goods train halts their trip. The 2 then race to the Mine Junction to warn those nearby of the approaching danger, averting a large disaster.

Gordon arrived early at the Shunting Yards for a meeting, quite displeased with the new setting. Upon learning Richard Hatt has begun to play a larger role in the railway's day to day operations, he was quite skeptical of his ability and stature, quite sure he has a corset!

When Richard Hatt introduced the suggestion box, Gordon was puzzled as to why Richard did not just ask him for his opinion, and advised him to eat a steak so as to fit in to his title of "fat controller." Richard ignored the comment, and went on to suggest a new station pilot at Knapford. Gordon was pleased by the idea, as long as it was anyone but Dennis the Lazy Diesel. He proceeded to rant about Dennis' frequent tardiness, and so the idea was shelved. Gordon was also very grateful at the idea to ban "Auld Lang Syne." Later, when Charlie was marveling at Kevin's accidental humor, Gordon pointed out that Charlie is a comedian, not an artist, but Charlie rebutted by saying that there's really no difference. When Richard read Diesel's "suggestion" about Gordon being a galloping sausage, Gordon, along with everyone else (other than Charlie) was infuriated. He left, lecturing Richard on how to be a real controller.


Gordon is pompous, refined, and proud. He thinks he is the strongest and fastest engine on Sodor, and with good reason. His self-importance can often lead him to belittle or undermine the value of the other engines, particularly if they are small in size or have seen better days. However, Gordon is determined and strong, and is able to put his vanity aside when his friends need him most. 

He has a bitter rivalry with his cousin Spencer, the Duke and Duchess' private engine.