Hector grins

Hector is a coal hopper who works at Crosby Coaling Plant. He is good friends with Thomas and James.


When Hector first arrived, he bumped Bill and Ben, scared Rosie and shouted at Thomas, when he knocked Hector off the tracks, he told Thomas he didn't wanted to be filled up with coal. until Thomas showed him that coal isn't scary after all!

One winter, James was supposed to take a train to Great Waterton, but he ignored Hector's advices. he didn't wanted to be told what to do by a freight car. until he, Hector and the troublesome trucks got stuck in a snow drift. after that, he became friends with Hector and started to listen to him.

He is usually found at the coaling plant.


He will likely appear in Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.


Hector used to be mean and aggressive due to his fear of being filled with coal, but once Thomas helped him to get over this fear, he became a kinder hopper. Nowadays he is kindhearted and is willing to help spread advice to other engines. He also keeps the other trucks in order.


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