"Figures you'd be hibernating in a time like this, Grizzly."
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Date Aired March 30th, 2013
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Hibernation is the eighteenth episode of the second season.


Many of the diesels are resting in their shed, Derek is dreaming... then Bear growls and wakes everybody up. After the diesels give him plenty of grief, Bear goes to get some coaches. Derek tries to comfort him, but Bear feels increasingly guilty about what he did to Fergus the previous summer. Derek encourages him to move on, but Bear still feels bad.

As he prepares to take the Express, a guard stops him and tells him to help get everyone to safety because of a snowstorm. Bear, excited about the rescue mission, races off. He later is stopped by a heavy snowdrift in the valley. He and his driver try to keep quiet, but... growl! Bear's engine lets out a very loud snarl, and an avalanche occurs, trapping Bear.

Up ahead, a stationmaster explains the issue to Flora and Butch. Flora is determined that there must be a way to save Bear, and Butch suggests Fergus rescue him, as the Cement Works is near Bear. Fergus brings Jack the front loader and they dig Bear out, only to find Bear sleeping amidst the snow! Bear apologizes to Fergus for the events of that summer, telling him it was out of his place to make him feel useful. Fergus accepts and the two are once again on good terms. After the incident, Derek checks in on the hibernating Hymek, glad to see He and Fergus have made up.



  • This episode marks the first appearances of WhiffJack, and Flora, although Jack made a cameo appearance in the remastered version of Snow Blind, which was released later on.
  • This episode resolves the issues between Bear and Fergus, which began in Tag-Team, and a flashback from said episode is shown.



Enterprising Engines Hibernation

Enterprising Engines Hibernation