Murdoch, Alaric, and Eric at the High Peak Marshaling Yard
High Peak Marshaling Yard is an exchange site between the North Western and Culdee Fell Railways. It is nestled comfortably on a plateau with a splendid view of the towering mountains.


The name "High Peak" is, as Culdee states, a bit of a misnomer, as High Peak is actually on a plateau. It has a small station and crane, along with plenty of sidings, and has a beautiful view of the mountains and countryside. The entrance of the yard is marked by a small pedestrian bridge.


When the Culdee Fell Engines are in need of repair, Donald and Douglas often come to High Peak Marshaling Yard to bring them to Crovan's Gate Works. The Yard also is used to exchange goods and provide supplies and provisions for climbers that wish to stay at Summit Hotel. Paul the Mechanic also sometimes works there.

When the Summit Hotel roof collapsed during a winter storm, Dart and Den helped Culdee gather supplies to repair the damage high up on the mountain. 

Murdoch originally came up to the yard hoping for some peace and quiet up in the mountains. His quest is thwarted following an encounter with Samson and Whiff's unbearable odor. His trip is redeemed however when he meets the quiet natured mountain engines Alaric and Eric

A Man in the Hills etching has appeared here recently. 




  • The name High Peak Marshaling Yards was originally used in EnterprisingEngines93's original YouTube series, LionelRailway.


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