Bertram at High Tower
High Tower is a remarkable structure built by the Vikings during their stay on Sodor. It is situated close to The Mine Junction.


High Tower is, as its name suggests, a tall tower. It is built of wood, with a red roof and a yellow window. It has a track ending in buffers in front of it, as well as tracks running past.


Long ago, when the Vikings found Sodor as a refuge, they constructed a tall wooden structure to keep a watchful eye on their enemies from afar. When the Vikings left, the tower became wobbly and overgrown, but still has a panormaic view of the High Hills where the Skarloey Railway Engines work, as it is nestled quite close to the modern day mine junction.

However, as the railway built their industry around the old tower, Donald accidentally crashed through some nearby buffers and caused High Tower to collapse. 

A "High Tower Mark 2" is currently being constructed as a reminder of Sodor's Past. Miss Jenny Packard and The Thin Controller are working tirelessly so the Tower can stand tall once more. 




  • During the second season, the tower is still in repairs. According to EE93, the tower will be even higher in the future episodes.


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