The Suggestion Box Hiro

Hiro is a powerful black tender engine from Japan who was restored after being lost many years ago.


Hiro was built in Japan before being sent to Sodor in The Fat Controller's early days. He was known as the "Master of the Railway", until he was forgotten and lost in the forest.

Many, many years later he was rediscovered by accident by Thomas, who tried to restore him.

Working together to haul a heavy load of hoppers and steel girders, Hiro and Henry were able to persevere and not let a bad lot of coal stop them from making a safe journey to Brendam

Hiro was sent by The Fat Controller to warn the engines in Vicarstown and other places along the line about the forthcoming and disastrous tornado.

Hiro was sent to the Logging Company after Henry was due to leave.


Hiro is gentle, kind, and lively engine always willing to help a friend, as justified by his helping attitude during the forthcoming tornado.



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