James Goes on a Trip
James is feeling funky.
"I believe you were... tripping balls... or something like that."
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Date Aired September 4th, 2012
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James Goes on a Trip is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


James the Red Engine is having a splendid day, at least until his fireman starts feeling under the weather. As James is grumbling about missing his Express Run, a doctor arrives at the scene with an alternative remedy to ease the pressing situation.


James the Red Engine is having a splendid day until his fireman becomes very ill. A doctor is called in to cure his stressful ailment, but James is cross and wants to pull the Express on time. Kelly the Crane urges James to be patient, but is only scoffed at. Things only get worse when the doctor carries very potent "psychoactive compounds" on board James, and accidentally drops them in James' open firebox! 

James begins to hallucinate and is suddenly "transported" to a very to a bizarre environment. In his drug-induced sequence, he encounters many people wearing extraneous costumes and dancing and an elephant in a meadow. He eventually returns from his little "trip" feeling very confused. Derek and Henry have arrived since his adventure began to make sure he is all right. Derek assures James his driver is in good working order, but Henry seizes the opportunity to snag James' Express run. James seethes with fury. He still got to go on a "trip" per se, but not the one he had bargained for! 



  • This episode is aimed at older audiences and is preceded by this message:

"Hello! Good tidings! The following episode is rather absurd and should not be taken seriously. View at your own risk! This is not intended for younger audiences. On the plus side, DiamondThomas did a smashing job on the music. Well, with that said, let's hop to it, shall we?"