Miss Jenny Packard new outfit

Miss Jenny Packard

Miss Jenny Packard, or simply Miss Jenny, is the owner of "The Pack", which she took over from her father.


Miss Jenny Packard took over The Pack from her father, and she became a very loyal leader that her machines look up to. She is no-nonsense and gets the job done, which Max and Monty often find annoying.

One occasion, she was greatly praising Isobella, which Max and Monty found annoying. When Monty returned from an accident caused by his brother Max, however, Miss Jenny was the one annoyed with them!

Jenny Packard and her machines helped out repairing the wall at the Crovan's Gate Works when Duke and Sir Handel crashed through it.

She and her crew have worked closely with The Fat Controller on the construction of the Little Western Extension and the Harwick Branch Line. When the Fat Controller called a meeting to discuss the Extension, she was present. Upon the Fat Controller's announcement of the line's purpose as a luxury tourist destination, she is not surprised due to her involvement. When the lumberjacks ambush the meeting and begin to brawl, she rescues the Small Controller from one of the lumberjacks, for which he is quite thankful and impressed.


Miss Jenny is a stern, natural-born leader who works hard making sure that The Pack can be as helpful as possible to the Island! She can be firm with her machines as well as being understanding when they present their problems to her. She always cracks down on Max and Monty's bad behaviour and makes certain that they learn a lesson from it. She is usually always seen with her faithful dog by her side.



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