Jeremy is a jet plane who lives at the Sodor Airport.


Thomas first met Jeremy when he was on his way to a picnic. When Jeremy told him how great it was to be a jet plane, Thomas thought that he was boasting about it, deciding never to talk to Jeremy ever again. Thomas soon became upset that Jeremy didn't have to wait for Signals or stop because of Cows on the line, but after Jeremy warned him about a thunderstorm, which Thomas responded to picking up the children at the picnic and returning to the airport to ask Jeremy if the children could have the picnic in his hangar, Thomas then thought of him as a really useful jet plane.

Jeremy took the Duke and Duchess of Boxford back to the mainland.


Jeremy is a jet plane who lives at the Sodor Airport. Being a light aircraft, he enjoys being able to tear through the air at speed, see things from the air that others on the ground cannot, and not encountering the obstacles that a steam engine might. As such, Jeremy can have quite a proud, inflated view of himself and may inadvertently put down the usefulness of an engine friend by speaking without thinking. Jeremy will shrug off, rarely acknowledge, or choose to ignore the many things that his engine friends can do that he cannot. But Jeremy has a very positive nature and is always happy to team up and lend a hand for the benefit of others, completely putting aside his one-upsmanship to be a good friend.


He was meant to appear in Samson, BoCo, and the Man in the Hills, but his role was cut when the scenes with Skiff and Sailor John were removed. He will appear later on in Season 3.


  • Jeremy's model is from the Bachmann range.


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