Sliggs and Norman Skiff
The Kellsthorpe Refinery is one of the many oil industries under the command of Walter Sliggs


The Kellsthorpe Oil Refinery was opened recently by Walter Sliggs, the self proclaimed "handsome oil tycoon" who showed up during the Munitions Incident. The Oil Refinery is located at Kellsthorpe, which Cranky describes as "going halfway across the island for naught", in BoCo's case.

BoCo was bound for Crater Lake, but was tricked by Bill and Ben to go to the new Oil Refinery instead!

When Walter Sliggs entered the refinery after D199 and D261 crashed at the Mine Junction, he was met by Sir Frederick Aura, who threatened the tycoon before telling him that there were vast quantities of oil from Ulfstead Castle in store for him if he aided Aura.