"Charlie, Kevin's not putting on an act, he's actually that bad at his job."
―Emily, The Suggestion Box
Kevin the Crane

Kevin is a clumsy mobile crane that means well, but has been known to cause problems at the Crovan's Gate Works. He is good friends with Victor.


Kevin was brought to help at the Crovan's Gate Works shortly after Victor came, and he had a lot to learn. Kevin is always willing to help, and when Thomas needed help restoring Hiro and keeping Spencer away, he was always ready for action. He later helped a great deal in Hiro's ultimate restoration.

Kevin helped Thomas to fetch machine parts and other things when he was in charge for the day. Another time, he was sent to help out at Brendam Docks when Cranky needed help.

When Edward came to visit Donald and Douglas, Kevin filled him in on the progress of the twins' overhaul.

After the works gets a Netflix account, Kevin suggests chillin' with Paul, which results in Paul throwing a wrench at Kevin.


Kevin is a very kind and juvenile crane, always ready to help-even if the help ends up being more of a hindrance to the situation. Yet, even when things go wrong, Kevin is willing to stay happy and fix the mess quick as a flash. He sometimes gets jealous of the steam engines. He is still learning, but Victor is very patient with him and they remain very close friends, even after all of the yellow crane's accidents.