"There is the path running from my county to this place. That is my road to fame and fortune."
―Sir Robert Norramby, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure
His name is King Orry
King Godred MacHarold

King Orry (real name Godred MacHarold) was the king of Sodor and the Isle of Man between the years 979 and 989. 


Not much is known about "King Orry", since he lived more than 1000 years ago. However, it is known that he fought off attempts by Earl Sigurd of Orkney to reclaim the Isles of Mann and Sodor, respectively in 982 and 984. 

Sigurd, however, wasn't captued in battle and came back to Sodor to kill Godred and his two eldest sons. However, his wife, Gudrun and his youngest son, Harold MacHarold, to Islay. 

Harold MacHarold later became King of Sodor himself between 1014 and 1034 after Sigurd died. His son, Thorfinn, however, became king after Harold was banished to Iceland. This led to the changing of the crown between the desendents of Sigurd and Orry that lasted probably until 1282 when it merged with the Kingdom of England.

His sword is of great value. Sir Robert Norramby was in the process of finding it somewhere in Blue Mountain's caves, when an accident caused Rocky to pull it up from the lake along with some gunk form the bottom of a pond.