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Knapford Yards is one of the two shunting yards of Knapford, being the largest.


It consists of plenty of sidings and points, and a cariage shed. It also has a high-level section of track.

Knapford Yard was introduced in the third season, it's a common place where meetings can be held.

Stafford and Charlie work there, along with other shunters. Diesel, Rosie, Paxton, Stanley, Dennis and Philip sometimes work there.



  • The Knapford Station Yard and the Knapford Yard are not the same shunting yard, the station yard is beside the station, while the other is on a distant location, and being larger than the station yard.
  • The Shunting Yard changed it's look drastically from Perhaps He's Got a Corset to The Suggestion Box.
  • Knapford Yard is often refered to as The Shunting Yard.


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