Lady snow shed den

Lady is a beautiful purple engine privately owned by Burnett Stone.


Lady was purchased by Burnett Stone many years ago, and since then she has come back to Sodor for visits, as she is a private engine. Because of that, she still has a lot to learn on Sodor, so engines such as Donald and Douglas often help her navigate in the Tidmouth Yards.

Lady became annoyed with Daisy when she discovered her new "swagger".

Lady told Rosie that every engine is special in their own way, and that she was an enterprising engine for her resourcefulness and desire to work hard.

Lady talked to Stanley when he found the old waterworks near Great Waterton. Before he arrived, she was waiting for Hank.



  • In Enterprising Engines!, Lady is privately owned by Burnett Stone. Though this is implied in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, it is stated more clearly in this series.
  • Unlike her counterpart in the original Thomas & Friends TV series, Lady has a different backstory in Enterprising Engines! EE93 stated in a comment on "Lift Bridge", "My interpretation of Sodor and Lady is a little different. No magic buffers or gold dust or "sparkle sparkle sparkle" here. Lady is a private owner engine who comes to visit from time to time."
  • Lady's 2014 model is used from the third season onwards.