Life Boats
"A remarkable act of courage my friend!"
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Date Aired 2011
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Life Boats is the sixth episode of the first season.


Edward is sent to take some freight cars to the harbour, he was very pleased. until a harbour patrolman told him about an accident on the bay, a fishing boat had collided into a tugboat, and the crew was in a life boat, but it was not so safe, so he asks Edward to pull a cable, which would be thrown into the sea by a cannon. the crew attached the cable to their life boat, Edward pulled the cable and they were safe. now they would have to rescue another life boat. The second group attached the cable to their life boat, and Edward pulled again. after a great deal of work, all the crew were safe, and they were extremely grateful. and Edwatd went to rest in a siding, then The Harbour Patrolman came to see Edward, he thanked him for his work, and he told the driver how Edward was an Enterprising Engine.



  • Enterprisingengine93 has confirmed that this episode (and Bon Voyage) will never be remastered, as it is too special to him to re-shoot.
  • This marks the only appearance of The Red BRIO Engine.



Enterprising Engines Life Boats

Enterprising Engines Life Boats