"I know all of your whistles, and that for sure, was not one of them!"
―Madge, Just Another Wild Goose Chase
Madge with crates

Madge is a snub-nosed lorry that delivers supplies for the Skarloey Railway.


The Thin Controller purchased Madge to work alongside the railway, carrying supplies and taking the engines to various locations, though primarily to the Works by road. She is usualy called upon to take care of the other engines, such as keeping Skarloey and Rheneas clean for an important event. During the winter, Duncan pressured her into driving much more recklessly, almost causing a terrible accident!

Madge made sure all the little engines were safe and accounted for during a massive tornado that struck Sodor.

When a ghost whistle was heard, Madge was certain the whistle belong to an outsider, because she knows all her little engines' whistles by heart.

At the Wharf, Madge was present as Molly was rescued by Young Tucker and Rocky from a runaway train.

Madge brought Sir Handel to Crovan's Gate Works when Weaver and Rick Shay set off explosives with their firearms at The Blue Mountain Quarry.

Madge brought The Thin ControllerThe Small Controller, and Roxanne to Carlo Debris' headquarters, and was alerted to the chaos going on at the meeting when one of Carlo's rebelling workers blew up part of the building with a bazooka. She and Roxanne thus rammed into the building to rescue the Thin Controller, and after doing so, made a quick getaway!

Madge once again transported Sir Handel to the Crovan's Gate Works after he had an accident at the Crovan's Gate Mine.


Madge is a compassionate soul that acts as a motherly figure to the narrow gauge engines. She is very thoughtful and tries to take care of everyone she meets.